• Core Bench


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    The Flat Bench Transformed

    Vicore has taken the lowly old flat bench and transformed it into a Dynamic Transport Rehabilitation Machine.  Our Core bench will literally work more muscle groups and fire more neurons in one set of reps than any other piece of equipment on the floor.  What makes this so incredible is, nothing in a patients routine has to change, as everything needed is built into the equipment.

    Easy to use, impossible to plateau, the Vicore Core Bench completely encompasses all the aspects of a balanced functional recovery.

    • Dimensions (LWH): 58” x 34” x 17”  (147 x 86 x 43 cm)
    • Weight: 65 lbs  (24Kgs)
    • Bearing Inlaid Wheels for Easy Transport
    • Easy-Grab Transport Handle
    • BobyLink Surface Tested to 4,500 lbs (2,041 Kgs)


    For pricing inquiries, please email annie@idealspine.com

  • Core Bench
  • Core Bench
  • Core Bench
  • Core Bench
  • Core Bench

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