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    Practicing Chiropractors Committee for Radiology Protocols (PCCRP) for the Biomechanical Assessment of Spinal Subluxation in Chiropractic Clinical Practice by Deed E. Harrison DC (Editor and Chairman); Christopher Kent, DC, FCCI, JD; Joseph Betz, BS, DC; Donald D. Harrison, DC, PhD, MSE; Paul Oakley, MSc, DC.

    The PCCRP Guidelines contained herein are evidence-based suggestions for appropriate radiographic evaluations of patients seeking chiropractic care. The purposes of these PCCRP Radiology Protocols are to (1) locate and rate the evidence for Biomechanical Assessment of Spinal Subluxation in Chiropractic Clinical Practice Using Radiography and (2) assist the practicing Chiropractor in making sound, fundamental clinical decisions when using radiology in clinical practice. These Guidelines have been accepted for inclusion at the National Guideline Clearinghouse.

    The aims of these Guidelines are:

    1. Evidence for routine use of radiography in chiropractic practice, as mandated by State and Provincial laws, is valid practice
    2. To determine the health risk of spinal radiography use (see Section on Hormesis)
    3. To determine the clinical utility of common radiographic views for Chiropractic clinical practice
    4. To determine the reliability, validity, and efficacy of common radiological views utilized in chiropractic clinical practice
    5. To identify, with evidence, if the routine use of radiography in pediatric cases is valid
    6. Chiropractic spinal subluxation from a structural/displacement view point and provide normal values for alignment
    7. To review spinal radiographic guidelines from other professions
    8. To provide Chiropractic College Instructors with the actual, updated, evidence on x-ray usage in Chiropractic clinical practice, in order that the current information be shared with prospective chiropractors.

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