• Module 10: Pediatrics Seminar DVD

    Chiropractic BioPhysics

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    This DVD set covers complete Pediatric Adjusting and Analysis seminar! Instructors included Dr. Jennifer Brandon, Dr. Pete Lope, and Dr. Deed Harrison. Learn in the comfort of your home and watch at your leisure. Learn at your own pace, and build your corrective care practice!

    This course provides an integrated education for the Doctor of Chiropractic in the science and art of pediatric disorders and adjusting. Normal developmental anatomy of the infant through childhood will be detailed. Examination methods and findings that the Chiropractor needs to know for proper assessment of vertebral subluxation and abnormal development for the pediatric patient will be reviewed. The Chiropractor will learn normal and abnormal evolution of the pediatric sagittal plane spinal curvatures and subluxation conditions. Postural and spinal evaluation of the newborn is a primary focus of this conference. The details of case management using CBP instrument, drop table and other structural rehabilitation methods will be covered using a variety of case studies for a comprehensive picture of clinical application of this course material. A survey of research material will be reviewed supporting the utilization and efficacy of CBP technique structural rehabilitation treatment methods.

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