Robo-Trac Decompression
Robo-Trac Decompression
Robo-Trac Decompression
Robo-Trac Decompression

Robo-Trac Decompression

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Robo-Trac Decompression brings the ability to precisely move and position the thoracic cage and pelvis while decompressing the spinal joints.  The addition of the overhead frame and sliding winches allows for multi-angle transverse vectors adding to the versatility of the machine.  Single, double, triple and quadruple postural spinal subluxations can be mirror imaged.


  • Precision table movements in 10 directions.
  • Patient positioning can be supine, prone, or side lying.
  • Cervical, thoracic, and pelvic harnesses are attached to independent decompression components.
  • All forces and angles are measurable.
  • Has the ability to traction every thoracic and lumbar spine postural abnormality.

Machine Footprint: 7' 11" x 2' x 6"

There is no need to be able to walk around the entire machine.  It can be placed up against a wall and in a corner.

Unit Includes:

  • Overhead sliding winches for transverse vectors (3)
  • Compression Ratchet Straps (3)
  • Custom Thoracic & Pelvic Distraction Harnesses
  • Angle Finders and Tension Scales (5)

Recommend accessories CBP Blocks & Denneroll Orthotics

Compatible with the Haas harness and Chattanooga harnesses


  • Forever on Winches & other Welded pieces
  • 2 Years on Electrical Components
  • 1 Year on Gas Shocks and Straps

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery for Satin Black, 8-10 weeks for other colors.

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