The Meyer 2-Way Traction Arch

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This device can be used with either the Circular Traction XZ Traction Wall Unit™ or with two wall-mounted traction tracks (4ft. Traction Core Tracks™).

Unit can provide:

  • Seated cervical, thoracic or lumbar 2-way corrective traction
  • Standing thoracic 2-way corrective traction

Comes with:

  • Neoprene covered anterior traction straps (2” and 4”)
  • Large/small anterior traction crossbars
  • Haas head halter/Extension head halter
  • Two posterior rope ratchet hook-ups
  • Quick release patient traction strap
  • Cervical traction sling
  • Digital traction scale

Base = 54" x 34"

This product will ship directly from the manufacturer: Circular Traction