• Module 13: Whiplash Trauma Seminar DVD

    Chiropractic BioPhysics

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  • Description

    This DVD Set covers the complete Whiplash Trauma and Management seminar! Learn in the comfort of your home and watch at your leisure. Learn at your own pace, and build your corrective care practice!

    • Review and discussion of Biomechanical, neuro-physiological, and epidemiologic aspects of whiplash injuries.
    • Biomechanical definition of subuxation in patients with whiplash injuries.
    • Cervical lordosis abnormalities and health conditions: the link between whiplash injury and poor outcomes.
    • Understanding and differentiating subtle and complex ligament injuries of the cervical spine.
    • Litigation and documentation of whiplash injuries.
    • Review of new ICA whiplash injury guidelines.
    • Utilization and efficacy of a variety of Chiropractic examination and documentation procedures.
    • Contemporary treatment techniques for patients with whiplash injuries.

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