Denneroll Lumbar Small Orthotic Traction Unit

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The Small Lumbar Denneroll is a Lumbar orthotic device developed by Chiropractors. Its unique design provides a gentle but effective stretch that assists in the correction of abnormal Lumbar Lordosis. When properly used, the DENNEROLL can assist in relief of pain, muscle tension, and recovery from disc injury. Enhanced patient comfort and improved health are the goals. 

The Lumbar Denneroll Orthotic Device, and its accompanying thoracic support block, is used to extend the spine and restore proper curvature to the lower, middle, and upper lumbar regions, depending on placement. In certain cases, addition of the support block to the treatment regimen allows the scapula and shoulder region to roll back into slight retraction and external rotation, increasing effectiveness and improving sagittal plane thoracic posture. 

There are three areas of the low back appropriate for DENNEROLL application: Lower lumbar, Mid-Lumbar, and Thoraco-Lumbar. Only a radiographic and postural analysis can determine which Denneroll Placement is right for the individual patient. The DENNEROLL device should only be used on a firm surface such as the floor, or a bench so that an effective stretch can be applied to the lumbar tissues.

 The Small Lumbar Denneroll is also a component of the 3-D In Office Denneroll Traction Table System.  

Postural translation of the ribcage can significantly influence the size of the Denneroll device needed. The recommended types of patient cases and presentation for this orthotic system are available on a PDF handout or on Denneroll Lumbar Orthotic Training Video.  For more information see the Denneroll Thoracic Support Block or contact

Additional Lumbar Denneroll Information