• Denneroll Posture Regainer Compression Extension System

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  • Description

    THE POSTURE REGAINER is our home version of the classic compression extension cervical traction system. Its unique design provides an effective corrective stretch that assists in the reduction of the abnormal Cervical Lordosis coupled with anterior head translation and posterior thoracic posture. Its unique design assists in the reduction of posterior thoracic cage translation in combination with an increased thoracic kyphosis, anterior head posture, and reduced cervical lordosis.

    The main features of this Posture Regainer System include and allow for:

    • Contoured base for patient comfort and for a consistent placement of the unit. Note that changing the apex of the Thoracic spine contact with the peak of the unit allows customized fit to the individual patients needs for either translation of the ribcage or flexion of the ribcage pending placement in the upper or middle thoracic spine.
    • High quality non-slip compression band allows for customized tension with an easily adjustable slide through a professional looking and durable aluminum support bar at the base of the unit.

    The recommended types of patient cases and presentation for this orthotic system are available on a PDF handout or on Denneroll Compression Extension Traction Video (for more information DOCTORS ONLY-- please email us and ask for the user instruction guide).

    Additional Posture Regainer Information

  • Denneroll Posture Regainer Compression Extension System
  • Denneroll Posture Regainer Compression Extension System

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