The Denneroll Pillow
The Denneroll Pillow
The Denneroll Pillow
The Denneroll Pillow
The Denneroll Pillow
The Denneroll Pillow
The Denneroll Pillow

The Denneroll Pillow

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The New Denneroll Pillow

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  • Buy 6 Medium (Case) OR 6 Large (Case), Get 5% Off
  • Buy 8 Small (Case), Get 5% Off
    • Can not Mix and Match Sizes to receive discount


  • The unique FLIP-OUT section allows for the ultimate in supine sleeping removing any forward head posture
  • The patented insert Denneroll technology increases your cervical lordosis for health benefits while you sleep.
  • The surrounding support surfaces cradles your head for comfort and stable sleep which minimizes restless movement. 
  • While preventing foreward head posture, the Denneroll inserts support your neck and prevents your neck curve from flattening and reducing your airway. It increases your cervical lordosis and promotes a better airway for better breathing while you sleep. The combined increased cervical lordosis, and zero forward head posture reduces muscle tension, improves airway diameter and flow, and maximizes blood flow to the brain for the ultimate regenerative sleep.
  • These pillow patented Denneroll inserts can be interchanged from soft to firm in order to meet your needs of benefits and comfort. 
  • The Denneroll pillow is a uniquely designed multi-functional pillow. It’s flip-out feature allows maximum surface area for it to be turned and function as TWO SEPARATE PILLOWS allowing for both side lying support and supine-back sleeping posture positions.
  • It’s made from a unique hygienic closed cell memory foam with ribbed surface contours providing maximum comfort and cooling for a solid nights sleep.
Denneroll Pillow is Available in 3-sizes:  Small, Medium, Large
  • Large is recommended for persons 5'9" and taller
  • Medium is recommended for persons under 5'9"
  • All pillows come with the soft Denneroll insert.
  • Upgrade options for each pillow is an additional Denneroll Pillow Firm Insert

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