3-D In Office Denneroll Table 2-Way Apparatus with Lumbar Pulley System

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The new 3-D In Office Denneroll Table 2-way Apparatus effectively addresses all regions of the spine simultaneously in the Saggital and Coronal Plane. This in office traction table system is simple to use and consists of 2 two way traction arms to simultaneously create sagittal curve corrections int the cervical, thoracic or lumbar regions. Combine the blocks with the custom designed cervical and lumbar Dennerolls and you can create multiple full spine and regional mirror image® setups. This in office system compliments the patients home care using the Denneroll home orthotics. You can treat more advanced cases by combining in office traction methods with the home based orthotics.

Now Includes: New Lumbar 3-D Denneroll table pulley System. This system allows efficient increases in tension load during Pelvic, lumbar and thoracic mirror image traction setups. The system allows for easy lock and release of the tension load.

For use with 3-D In Office Denneroll Traction Table System

3-D In Office Denneroll Table 2-Way Apparatus Limited Warranty


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