Circular Traction Cervical Remodeling Collar

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CR-Collar induces posterior head translation, resulting in reduced neck pain and cervico-brachial nerve irritation. Used in conjunction with other CBP Mirror Image methods, forward head posture can be reduced by an average of 10 millimeters in a short period of time. In addition, it has been shown to increase the cervical lordosis with as few as 14 sessions. To be used in the Office or as an At Home corrective tool.

Additional Options:

The “New” Negative Z Compression Pad now comes with a detachable 1” block that can be connected to the CRCollar™ Forehead Strap to increase head retraction in flexible people when used by itself.  It can also increase head retraction, extension and compression when used in conjunction with the Negative Z Wedge Portion for loss of upper cervical lordosis. Click Here to purchase The “New” Negative Z Compression Pad

Cervical Remodeling Collar Instructions

Cervical Remodeling Collar Settings

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