CRCollar™ Thoracic Flexion Traction Weight

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Correcting necks like the one above have always been difficult because of the flatten upper thoracic spine associated with them.  Now, with the “The CRCollar™ &Thoracic Flexion Body Weight”, you can traction the upper thoracic and lower cervical regions into flexion while also inducing a retraction and/or extension of the head and upper cervical segments.

Device comes with either 2, 3 or 4 canvas covered 4lb. weight bags.  Ambulatory use produces an intermittent “bouncing effect” into the cervicothoracic region.  This is great for structural remodeling as well as Intervertebral Disc and Myofascial rehabilitation.

Additional Options:

The “New” Negative Z Compression Pad now comes with a detachable 1” block that can be connected to the CRCollar™ Forehead Strap to increase head retraction in flexible people when used by itself.  It can also increase head retraction, extension and compression when used in conjunction with the Negative Z Wedge Portion for loss of upper cervical lordosis. Click Here to purchase The “New” Negative Z Compression Pad

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