Denneroll Compression Extension Unit
Denneroll Compression Extension Unit

Denneroll Compression Extension Unit

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The DENNEROLL Compression Extension System was developed by Chiropractors interested in optimization of cervical and thoracic spine curvatures and posture. Its unique design provides an effective corrective stretch that assists in the reduction of the abnormal Cervical Lordosis with anterior head translation and increased upper-mid thoracic kyphosis.

This DENNEROLL System can assist in relief of pain, muscle tension and improved health; and its design allows for easy transportation. There is simply no other system like this on the market with the versatility, professional look, and functionality. The Denneroll Compression Systems support base has been uniquely contoured to allow centered placement of the Thoracic Denneroll on top; while the lower portion is contoured to assist in patient lumbar low back comfort while on the unit. 

The main features of this Denneroll Compression Extension System include and allow for:

  • Contoured thoracic and lumbar base for patient comfort and for a consistent placement of the unit.
  • The Thoracic Denneroll to effectively target posterior thoracic translation and increased thoracic kyphosis.
  • Note that changing the apex of the Thoracic spine contact with the peak of the Thoracic Denneroll allows customized fit to the individual patient’s needs and their spine.
  • High quality non-slip compression band allows for customized tension with an easily adjustable slide through a professional looking and durable aluminum support bar at the base of the unit.

The recommended types of patient cases and presentation for this orthotic system include (for more information –DOCTORS ONLY– please email us and ask for the user instruction guide):

  • Posterior thoracic translation relative to the pelvis,
  • Increased mid and/or upper thoracic kyphosis,
  • Anterior head posture greater than 25mm (approximately),
  • Loss of the normal cervical lordosis with an increased C7 posterior body tangent angle relative to vertical (refer to the CBP ideal spine model values in user instruction guide),
  • Rounded-protracted shoulder girdle and scapular region.

Size of the Denneroll Compression Extension System

The thoracic support block is approximately 50mm in height (2 inches). The block comes with a 20mm elevation block that is designed to be used underneath the support block when more elevation is needed. When used in combination, the two blocks total 70mm and create a significant anterior translation of the thoracic cage. The Thoracic Denneroll and/or the Thoracic Retrainer is designed to fit centered on the support block and can be adjusted superiorly or inferiorly depending on where the patient needs dictate. The exact location of the Thoracic Denneroll for a specific patient should be marked with a permanent marker for ease of application.

Additional Compression Extension Unit Information

Denneroll Compression Extension Traction Video