Denneroll Thoracic Support Block Unit
Denneroll Thoracic Support Block Unit
Denneroll Thoracic Support Block Unit

Denneroll Thoracic Support Block Unit

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THE SAGITTAL BALANCE OF THE SPINE, as viewed from the side, has near perfect vertical balance of the upper and lower-most vertebra for each of these three spinal regions: C1-T1: cervical(neck), T1-T12: thoracic (rib cage) T12-S1 lumbar (low back)

The Thoracic Support Block System, from DENNEROLL, is a thoraco-lumbar orthotic device developed by Chiropractors. Its unique design assists in the reduction of posterior thoracic cage translation in combination with a reduced lumbar lordosis and increased thoracic kyphosis. The main support has been uniquely contoured to allow the scapula and shoulder region to roll back into slight retraction and external rotation while the patient is lying supine on the support.

The main features of this unit include and allow for:

  • Contoured specifically to allow the shoulders to retract & externally rotate
  • To assist a centered placement of the thoracic Denneroll on top of the support block
  • Addition of the thoracic support block under any of the Denneroll units (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) creates possible translations of the thoracic spine if the patient need is indicated.

Size of the Thoracic Support Block System: The thoracic support block is approximately 50mm in height (2 inches). The block comes with a 20mm elevation block that is designed to be used underneath the support block. When used in combination, the two blocks total 70mm and create a significant anterior translation of the thoracic cage during Lumbar Denneroll and/or Thoracic Denneroll application.

Additional Thoracic Support Block Information