• Impulse Adjusting Instrument

    Neuromechanical Innovations

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  • Description

    This item is shipped by Neuromechanical Innovations. Shipping Charges are included in the Product Pricing. 

    • Can apply a single impulsive thrust for use with Mirror Image Adjusting.
    • Impulsive thrusts at the average spine resonant frequency of 6 cycles per second (Hz.) over a 2 second duration.
    • Three Force Settings for Precision Adjustments.
    • Neoprene Comfort Grip that Reduces Recoil.
    • Preload Built-in for Control, LED light Turns from Red to Green When Preload is Achieved.
    • Sleek Stylus that is Interchangeable with Dual Styluses.
    • Soft Silicone Tip for Gentle Adjustments
    • Electronic Trigger that's Easy to Pull and Allows Single or Rapid Pulse Thrust Modes.
    • 10' Power Cord that Won't Hold You Back.
    • Interchangeable Dual Styluses for the Cervical and Lumbar Spine.
    • 1-Year Warranty!
    • Ships within 7-10 business days.

    Available in 3 Colors: White, Black, Translucent-Blue


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