Pro-Lordotic Spinal Exerciser™
Pro-Lordotic Spinal Exerciser™

Pro-Lordotic Spinal Exerciser™

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Research has shown the as most people age, their posture
gradually starts to fail into forward flexion. This results in
a loss of lumbar lordosis and an increase of the thoracic
kyphosis. (Journal of Spinal Disorder & Tech., 2003, 16(1),


The Pro-Lordotic Spinal Exerciser™ is an easy to use
device that connects to the top of a closed door. Hand grips
and dual pulleys allow the user to perform strong,
intermittent spinal extension exercises.


These daily exercises strengthen the gluteal and spinal
musculature while helping to correct the aging spinal
posture and structure.


They also serve as great “warm-up” exercises before the
patient performs any form of lumbar or thoracic extension traction.


The Pro-Lordotic Spinal Exerciser™ provides relief for people that suffer from
chronic low back pain that is aggravated by prolonged sitting and/or lumbar
flexion related activities.


Note: One (1) Free with every Twelve (12) Purchased!




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