• Proper Posture - Fending off gravity for better health

    Chiropractic BioPhysics

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    The 2nd in the Series of New CBP System of Patient Education Brochures is now available! The Proper Posture Brochure is the 2nd in our series of professional patient education brochures. This full color Brochure should be provided to the patient immediately after their initial patient consultation or initial patient examination; prior to their report of findings explaining their condition(s). This 2nd brochure compliments the Better Back Brochure. Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is a uniquely different and perhaps, superior type of chiropractic technique. As such, a different system of patient educational content is needed for thorough patient understanding of the nature and type of care that will be provided for their unique spinal and health conditions. The Proper Posture Brochure provides clear and concise information the patient needs to know about the need for normal posture alignment and the consequences of abnormal posture. This brochure provides the first of many steps that is needed in order for the patient to understand the relationship between posture and health as well as pain and functional disorders. CBP's unique postural analysis is explained with our scientific approach to categorizing their head, rib cage, and pelvic displacements as rotations and translations. Professional figures are provided for you to circle the patients abnormal posture on the brochure to make for a more specific connection with the patient. A brief introduction to posture and spine corrective care is offered along with before and after care patient posture correction photos. We know your patients will enjoy this professionally developed educational brochure. On the back is room for you to place your stamp or label of your office logo and contact details.

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