• Spinal Remodeling Brace

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    Spinal Remodeling Brace (SRBrace): Anterior & Posterior Posture Models SRBrace stresses the thoracic and lumbar spine towards normal lateral curvature and aids in correction of posture. Inhibited muscles become reactivated during ambulatory exercise, providing true neuromuscular reeducation as well as functional and structural musculoskeletal rehabilitation. The SRBrace, with walking , rebalances muscle tone and coordination, and aids in the release of spinal joint fixations and improves the common slumped human posture.

    3 Sizes: 21" LARGE 19" MEDIUM 17" SMALL

    Spinal Remodeling Brace Instructions

    Spinal Remodeling Brace – The Antro Version Instructions

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  • Spinal Remodeling Brace
  • Spinal Remodeling Brace

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