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  • Description

    UTS Total Spine is an easy to use, full spine versatile corrective tractioning device that performs the following types of corrective care setups:

    • Full Spinal Seated & Standing Sagittal Correction.
      • Improve Hypo and Hyper lumbar lordosis.
      • Improve Hypo and Hyper Sacral Base Angles and Pelvic Tilt abnormalities.
      • Improve Hypo and Hyper thoracic Kyphosis.
      • Improve posterior/anterior translation postures.
      • Improve anterior head translations & Hypo or Hyper cervical lordosis.
    • Full Spine Seated & Standing Coronal Plane Postural Translation Corrections.
      • Improve lateral translations & bending of the Cervical Spine.
      • Improve lateral translations & bending of the Thoracic Spine.
      • Improve lateral translations & bending of the Lumbar Spine.
    • Great for Scoliosis corrective traction setups.

     The Universal Traction System:

    • Minimum Assembly Required.
    • Dropbox Instruction Folder shared with video trainings of assembly and all setups.
    • 2-5 day delivery in continental USA if units in stock.
    • Allow 6-12 weeks for Delivery if units not in stock.
    • Minimum 50% deposit for backordered unit, made directly through CBP.
    • One Unit 2’ by 6’ footprint, 12” to 18” between units.
    • All Straps, spreader bars, neck harnesses, & Medicordz exercise equipment included.
    • Weights must be purchased separately. We recommend Rubber coated weights through Paul Radzwillowicz with the Dumbbell Man Inc. pradz@dumbellman.com
    • Recommend CBP® Mirror Image Adjusting, Exercise & Stretching Full Block Set

    UTS Recumbent, Supine and Seated Bench (Not Included):

    • OPTIONAL- Consider UTS Supine, recumbent and upright bench with UTS Total Spine.
    • Full Spine and sectional Supine, recumbent, seated sagittal setups.
    • Full Spine and sectional side lying coronal setups.
    • Replicates classic Target Force setups.
    • Useful as an extra standard adjusting or cryotherapy bench.
    • Dimensions: UTS Bench- 48-79" Length, 16" Width, 21" Height.   

    This product will ship directly from the manufacturer: Universal Tractioning Systems

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