• UTS Uni-Arm Thoraco-Lumbar Sagittal Recumbent, Supine & Seated Traction Device


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  • Description

    The Universal Tractioning System, UTS Thoraco-Lumbar Device is an easy to use, versatile corrective tractioning device that performs the following types of corrective care setups. This device is a new twist of the classic Harrison Supine Traction Device.

    • Thoraco-Lumbar seated, recumbent and supine sagittal correction.
    • Thoraco-Lumbar side lying coronal correction.
    • Improve hypo and hyper lumbar lordosis.
      • Improve hypo and hyper sacral base angles and pelvic tilt abnormalities.
      • Improve hypo and hyper-Thoracic kyphosis.
      • Improve posterior/anterior Thoraco-Lumbar translation postures.
    • Thoraco-Lumbar coronal plane side lying postural translation corrections.
    •  Improves lateral translations & bending of the Thoraco-Lumbar spine.
    • Great for Scoliosis side lying corrective traction setups.

     The Universal Traction System, UTS Thoraco Lumbar Device:

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